Guidelines for the Unhooked! Webinar Group

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“UnHooked! 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom” Coaching Support Group


Congratulations for signing up for the Unhooked! 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom coaching support group.

I fully trust that God will use these 8 weeks to minster to you and help you find deeper healing in your life.

I also believe that He will use all the participants to be a source of blessing and support to each other.  I am an advocate for group support because there is always something we can learn from someone else.

Plus, who knows, this group may facilitate new relationships in your life as you continue in your journey :-) .


  • We will meet once a week for 8 weeks at the designated time.
  • The session will be 60 minutes long.
  • I will begin the group at the set time even if all the participants have not yet arrived.  I want to be faithful to the time commitment.
  • After initial introductions I will provide a 10 minute teaching on a topic of the Step we are talking about that week .
  • There will be about 45 minutes for us to talk as a group to share questions, struggles, and victories etc.
  • Please remember the rule of confidentiality.  Do not share anything about what others say in this group without their consent.  This is a group where people need to feel safe.  Even though we are meeting by webinar and may be from different parts of the world, you need to remember that it is a very small world… especially the Christian community.  It would be a very sad thing if other women’s struggles were shared, only to discover that someone you spoke to actually knows them, or knows someone who knows them.  You get the point.  Respect the privacy of what is spoken in our group time.
  • Please do not use foul language when sharing.
  • You will always have access to the private FB page to communicate to each other during the week.  This private group will be open for the 8 weeks. Only those who are a part of this coaching group will have access to the conversations, yet remember that anything you do write will be seen by all the participants.
  • At the end of the 8-week coaching group I will send you each a certificate.
  • If you have a specific resource you would like others in the group to know about, please pass it to me first and I will pass it on to other members.  Email to
  • This is not an intensive counselling group.  Instead it is a coaching group that allows general feedback and support.  If during the 8-week group you are feeling you need specific one-on-one counsel, please contact me at and we can discuss setting something up.  One-on-one is an additional fee.
  • The teaching aspect of the coaching group will be recorded (for my purposes only) but the rest of the session will not be recorded (I want to respect your privacy).  If you miss the session there will be a replay for teaching only.
  • I know the emotional/mental/spiritual work it takes to heal from trauma.  Because I care about how you are doing, if you begin self-harming or feeling suicidal in any way during this 8 week group time you will commit to talking to me privately so we can both confirm that you are in a safe state of mind to continue the group at this time (this is not the same as setting up a one-on-one – it is just a safe guard for you). Email me at  or Skype at karenwells1 if you are struggling in this way during our 8 weeks.


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